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U.S. Postal Service Raised Rates, But Did You Know About the USPS Discounts?

Reliable Office Solutions - MLM Public Relations - March 29, 2018

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) changed its mailing and shipping rates in January of this year, but the bureau offers a variety of ways to get discounts as well. You’ll also want to improve your mailing efficiency, while keeping your mail secure, so consider these steps if you haven’t already implemented them into your business.

Sort your mail before handing it off to the Postal Service in order to simplify the delivery process. This is most commonly done by sorting your mail according to zip codes. The more filtered your zip code sort, the more discount you’ll receive.

Mail in Bulk
You’ll also want to consider volume because mailing 150 pieces or more with the same zip code unlocks major savings. The more you mail, the better savings you’ll enjoy. But, how do you achieve this when you only have so much mail? Commingle with other businesses.

“Commingle” Your Mail
Commingling is a consistent, proven strategy to help reduce your postage expenses. Third party partners handle mail for several different clients at once so they are able to reach the volume needed to qualify for these discounts. They also ensure consistency by using the same, updated equipment and software to track everyone’s mail.

Use Single Provider
These days, all your office equipment can be managed by a single provider. Reliable Office Solutions offers a variety of office equipment and solutions, including postage machines, to improve your office workflow, while lowering costs. A single provider allows transparency within your workflow, detecting problems before they occur and deters wastage by setting parameters.

Secure workflow
Sending mail in bulk and from a single provider unlocks discounts for several reasons, but your confidential mail needs to stay secure. Commingling hides your confidential mail within piles of other mail so it doesn’t stand out, making it less likely to be stolen. Additionally, other measures in the mailroom, such as security cameras and limited card access, further secure your information.

Finally, the best way to get started on your savings is to talk to someone who knows about USPS discounts and equipment. Talk toReliable Office Solutions today to discuss your options. Our agents can be reached at 1-800-784-6001 or peruse our website at You can also reach us on any of our social media platforms: LinkedInTwitter or Facebook.

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