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Storage Solutions for Students: Preparing for Summer Break

MaryLee Montalvo - MLM Public Relations - May 12, 2017

Storage Solutions for Students

With the end of the college semester near, students and parents are thinking about packing up for next year. Nine months of things you needed at school may not be what you need to bring home. Perhaps renting a storage unit could prove to be a cost and time saving solution.

Stop & Stor’s Director of Administration Denise Henick, a mom of a college student herself, offers some suggestions when thinking about what to pack and storage units as an option.

Some things to think about when starting to pack:

  1. It may be more cost effective to rent a storage unit nearby your school rather than transporting things you will need to move back in just two short months. If you don’t own a vehicle that can fit all your items you will need to rent a vehicle or transport with a rented vehicle.
  2. Some dorms or apartments may allow you to store over the summer but that doesn’t insure their safety until you return. With a storage unit your possessions are under lock, surveillance and climate controlled.
  3. Do you have room at home? Having a storage unit closer to school also keeps your family home free of additional items and makes move in day less of a chore.
  4. If it is your first year you now have a better idea what is good to keep in your room and what to keep nearby. Keeping things in storage, such as a studio-sized storage unit is a good way to store winter gear and larger items that you may want nearby but not in your room.

And when it’s time to pack Stop & Stor offers these eight tips:

  1. Be careful not to store anything combustible (such as paint and chemicals) or perishable (such as food that is not permanently sealed).
  2. Don’t pack valuables (jewelry, family photos, passports etc.) or anything you don’t want to lose. Instead, carry those items with you-no matter what.
  3. Take an inventory of what you are storing and keep it in a safe place. Label each storage box on all sides.
  4. Place items that you will need access to in the front of the storage unit. Place heavier items on the bottom.
  5. Mirrors, pictures, and other delicate items should be wrapped, packed in cardboard and marked fragile.
  6. Refrigerator doors should be slightly ajar, with an open box of baking soda inside to keep it smelling fresh.
  7. Add protective covers to all furniture and electronic items.
  8. Wardrobe boxes make moving easy, and clothes stay nice too.

No matter where you decide to temporarily store your college necessities make certain they are properly packed, labeled and secured so that you have a happy unpacking day come fall.

If your home base is in NYC, consider renting a nyc storage space with Stop and Stor. We offer 1 month free when you reserve online.

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