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Business Tip of the Week: Price is Rarely the Real Issue

Kaitlin Cangro - June 11, 2014

Price becomes a roadblock when you present a product or service with a price tag that is out of line with the prospect's expectation. Either you didn't uncover the prospect's budget or limitations prior to your presentation, or if you did, you ignored it. In that instance, price is not the problem, you are!

Another instance where the price appears to be a roadblock is when you enter a selling situation predisposed to presenting what you want to sell, not necessarily what the prospect wants to buy. Price may be the objection voiced by the prospect, but the real obstacle is your own rigidity.

Price objections will often arise when the prospect perceives you are only trying to "make a sale." You must have a genuine, sincere concern for your prospects ... and it must show. If the prospect views you as someone out to make a sale at any cost, he or she will feel like the proverbial lamb being led to the slaughter. Any price will be too high in that case.

* This tip was submitted by David Fischer of Sandler Training, Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Inc. For more information on the above topic, call 646-790-5800. *


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