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Busines Tip of the Week: Social Media Policy

Kaitlin Cangro - June 5, 2014

There is an emerging trend where companies are thinking more creatively about their social media policies and are encouraging their staff to think smartly about how they present themselves as individuals online and in the real world. It definitely makes sense to encourage people to proactively look after their online reputation. If everyone in your company has a buttoned up personal brand, then it will have a positive impact on your business.

Personal branding strategies will go a long way to enhancing your company's image. Influence your executive team to lead by example and create an authentic persona. Positively suggest to your team to talk about themselves, your brand, and the industry. Your team will feel confident about using social platforms to discuss your brand. There will be some naturals that engage with current or potential clients easily. Find out how they built their digital profiles and recognize them as go-to experts in their field. Tap into public speaking, writing courses, and workshops that will enable your staff to maximize the impact of their words. Any edge your team has as individuals will help them outshine the competition. Suggesting to employees that they learn to market themselves better is a fantastic, untapped opportunity to use personal branding strategies to craft great stories that postively reflect your company.

* This tip was submitted by Christine Fiorenza and Debi Surmanek of Ivy Branding and Marketing Group LLC. For more information on the above topic, call 718-448-4880. *

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