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Business Tip of the Week: The 89-Cent Solution

Kaitlin Cangro - May 28, 2014

How often have you been sitting in the car after a sales call, and you thought of something you should have done that would have been more appropriate than what you just did?

Invest 89 cents in a spiral notebook and keep it on the seat of the car. (Alternatively, you can use a visually driven note-taking application, like Pages or Notebook + for the iPad.) Draw a line down the center of the page. Label the left side: The Prospect Said/Asked/Did. Label the right side: I Should Have Said/Asked/Done. The next time you have an impromptu debrief in the car, record the prospect's action along with your shouldas. Don't record what you did, but record what you should have done. (The purpose of the journal is to reinforce good behavior, not remind you of poor behavior.)

So, next time you think, "I shoulda ...," write it down. A few minutes of your time will return big dividends in the form of improved performance and increased sales.

* This tip was submitted by David Fischer of Sandler Training, Chartwell Seventeen Advisory Group Inc. For more information on the above topic, call 646-790-5800. *


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