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Business Tip of the Week: What are the Benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone Systems?

Kaitlin Cangro - May 21, 2014

What are the benefits of VOIP phone systems:

1) Out of the office and missed an important phone call? VOIP offers you the option of sending the call directly to your cell phone if no one picks up at the office after a few rings. With these mobility options, it's like having your office phone with you at all times, but of course, you can turn it off when it's time to relax.

2) At a meeting and receive a voicemail you need to listen to? Voicemails are sent directly as audio attachments to your email.

3) Hardware taking up a lot of space in your office? This is a cloud based system, which means less hardware.

Since VOIP is a cloud based system, you have unlimited phone lines. This means that every time someone calls in to your business they will never receive a busy signal. You can also set up different options to direct their call in to the right location. Hosted VOIP Systems not only help you to save on your monthly bills, since multiple phone lines are no longer necessary when VOIP but help you to save on all startup costs. With this beneficial phone system, businesses are able to access enterprise features, such as Auto Attendants, Conference Call Bridges, Call Queues, and other features at a fraction of the costs.

* This tip was submitted by Mike Bloomfield and Nicole Bloomfield of Tekie Geek LLC. For more information on the above topic, call 347-830-7322. *

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