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AHRC New York City

Kaitlin Cangro - February 19, 2014

AHRC New York City has been providing companies with qualified and trained entry level employees since 1949. They have matched local people with janitorial, landscaping, messanger and other positions with companies like Barnes & Noble, The New York Yankees and The Staten Island Ferry.

AHRC also offers the Young Adult Internship Program (YAIP), a subsidized 14 week employment program for employable youths (ages 16-24) from low-income communities. Training for this program lasts 2-4 weeks, and city-funded internships at employer sites run 20 hours per week for 10-12 weeks. The YAIP will serve 1,400 young adults per year.

For more information about the AHRC and its programs, contact Fred Russo at

Thank you to the AHRC for offering valuable opportunities to local residents and for providing small businesses with the chance to connect with the community at large!

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